Healthy Partners is dedicated to providing physicians with the comprehensive business support they need to be successful in the Medicare Advantage marketplace. We share our managed care expertise with physicians to help them achieve their professional goals and best serve their patients. Working closely with each physician team member, we formulate a plan for long term growth to achieve lasting success. Listed below are some of the key areas where we assist our physicians:


Our goal is to help physicians provide their patients the optimum level of care and ensure it is delivered in an efficient manner. At the start of each relationship with a physician we schedule a meeting to learn about their practice and begin sharing our expertise in care and utilization management. Our team evaluates data sets to make evidence-based recommendations the physician can consider. Each physician is teamed up with a Healthy Partners Provider Representative who serves as a resource to support the physician and the practice.

Our Provider Representatives develop a local care delivery network, comprised of specialists and ancillary service providers, tailored for the demographics of each physician’s practice. We train office staff on our custom referral system which makes issuing referrals a quick and simple process. The entire Healthy Partners team is always available to discuss any questions or ideas from physicians that they believe could improve the health and wellness of patients.


One of the most important aspects of being successful in Value Based care is accurate and compliant Medical Risk Adjustment (“MRA”) coding. Proper MRA coding allows our physicians to ensure that their patients receive the best care possible on a consistent basis. Our MRA coding resource team provides ongoing training and support to ensure Hierarchical Condition Category (“HCC”) codes, that are deemed necessary by the physician, are properly documented. In addition, to ensure the highest standard of quality and compliant coding, we work with a national consulting firm to provide independent reviews of our work to ensure compliance with CMS guidelines.


Our marketing development team has years of experience working with physician practices, managed care plans, and insurance brokers to expand the numbers of patients we reach. Our marketing team works with the physician and staff to develop a unique growth strategy that is tailored to each community. While we will work diligently to grow your practice through external marketing, we also run internal educational campaigns. Our goal is to grow your practice not only during the open enrollment period, but throughout the year.


At Healthy Partners we realize that some physicians arrive at a point in their career where they want to enjoy practicing medicine and avoid the hassles of running a practice on their own. As part of the Healthy Partners team, you will have the ability to practice medicine in a stress-free environment and enjoy the financial security you deserve.

Our owned practices are run with a more value-based focus, concentrating on preventive services, access for our patients and spending quality time per visit to better understand our patients’ needs. Doing this reduces the number of patients seen by the providers and increases the quality of care that the patient receives.

If you are interested in having conversations regarding any of the services we provide, please contact us via the “BECOME A PHYSICIAN PARTNER” button at the bottom of this page. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!