Bob Camerlinck

CEO, President

Bob Camerlinck is a visionary leader in the growing field of Value-Based healthcare. For over twenty-five years, Mr. Camerlinck has formed trusting relationships with primary care physicians and their patients by introducing them to affordable, comprehensive Medicare Advantage health plans. These relationships serve as the foundation for effective and compassionate healthcare delivery in the era of Value-Based Care.

Mr. Camerlinck, began his career in the healthcare industry in 1989 as a sales representative with Humana. In this role he met directly with seniors to discuss their desires and concerns when selecting health coverage. Once he understood their struggles, he quickly realized the need for a new healthcare delivery model that would best align the needs of patients with health plan coverage accepted by their preferred primary care providers. In 1994 Mr. Camerlinck partnered with a primary care physician and together they opened their first concierge-level medical practice designed to offer premium healthcare to seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage. This premier practice became the platform that provided Mr. Camerlinck the opportunity to successfully deliver his vision for senior healthcare.

In addition, Mr. Camerlinck founded Healthy Partners, a Medical Service Organization (“MSO”), designed to offer expert support necessary for physicians to participate in risk sharing value-based care models. Since its inception, Healthy Partners MSO has grown to be one of the largest and most well-respected healthcare services organizations in the field of value-based primary care medicine.

Steven Casper

Chief Operating Officer

Steven Casper has distinguished himself over the past twenty years as a dynamic and innovative leader of large and complex health care services companies and physician organizations.

Mr. Casper began his career in private equity with the firm Summit Partners where he developed his unique eye for analyzing markets, business strategies and management teams. Mr. Casper transitioned from the investment team to hands on Strategic Development and Operational Management by volunteering for a unique operations assignment with a new Summit Partners portfolio company called AmeriPath, Inc. As a key member of the leadership team, he helped grow the business to an enterprise value of over $2.0 billion upon exit. He has led successful ventures with companies such as AmeriPath, DermPath Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics, NDX Corporation and Healthy Partners.

Mr. Casper has served as a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Development Officer and Board Member for a variety of successful health care services businesses driving transformational change and achieving impressive financial performance in emerging markets.

Brian Polner, MD

Chief Medical Officer

For over twenty years, Dr. Polner has been on the leading edge of developing sophisticated care coordination delivery models to support health and wellness among seniors. He has been successful in bringing together, physicians, specialists, clinical professionals and hospital staff to best serve patients.

Dr. Polner went to the University of Miami School of Medicine and did his residency training at Jackson Memorial Hospital. After completing his training in 1997, he began practicing Internal Medicine in Pembroke Pines, Florida. In 2002, he co-founded HealthwoRx, a multi-specialty practice consisting of primary care, cardiology, and endocrinology. During his tenure as CEO/President, the company grew to 30 physicians in 14 locations throughout South Florida. He successfully negotiated contracts with insurance companies and hospitals, managed diagnostic centers throughout the company’s locations, and successfully introduced several Medicare Advantage contracts to the primary care physicians and patient populations.

Dr. Polner has been a pioneer in physician education for value-based care and has received multiple 5-Star awards from Humana for excellence in healthcare performance and quality measures. He joined Healthy Partners in 2017 as the Chief Medical Officer to focus on physician education, growth, and development.

Dan Miller

Vice President of Business Development

Dan Miller has 20 years of experience in operations, sales, and marketing with some of the country’s largest health insurance providers.

Mr. Miller began his career in health care operations with Principal Healthcare and then Magellan Behavioral Healthcare. These experiences helped Mr. Miller gain an appreciation for the important relationship between operational excellence, satisfied patients, and sales growth. In 2001, Mr. Miller joined Humana’s Sales & Marketing team. With Humana, he was responsible for building successful sales and marketing teams and executing aggressive market expansion strategies. In addition, Mr. Miller led teams tasked with developing innovative ways to work with clinicians and patients to best meet their needs. Mr. Miller has a long history of working with physician practices to successfully grow Medicare Advantage membership through a variety of means including community engagement, sales and marketing, and patient experience improvement projects.

Mr. Miller joined the Healthy Partners team in 2017 as the VP of Business Development to help with the expansion of the Healthy Partners company.