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Medicare Advantage & Insurance

Healthy Partners is in network with a number of insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage Plans.

What are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Healthy Partners is in network with a number of insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans are “all-in-one” insurance options that include the same coverage as Part A and Part B. Sometimes referred to as “Part C”, these insurance plans are offered by privately-owned, Medicare-approved companies that follow rules outlined by Medicare. Drug coverage (or “Part D”) is also covered by most Medicare Advantage Plans.

By joining a Medicare Advantage Plan, you still have Medicare. However, instead of getting your Part A and B coverage from Original Medicare, you’ll instead get it from your Medicare Advantage Plan.

These plans are designed to set a limit on what you pay each year in out-of-pocket expenses for any services covered by Medicare. Most MA Plans have no premiums, as well as a minimal-to-zero cost in deductibles. They’re also designed to help you personalize the structure of your insurance plan based on your needs. (For example, choosing a Medicare HMO plan can help you save money on laboratory services and medical equipment provided by your HMO network.)

Medicare Advantage Plans offer coverage for things like hearing, dental, vision – even some fitness programs or gym memberships. Most importantly, in every type of MA Plan, you’re always covered for emergency and urgent care.

How do Medicare Advantage Plans Work?

Joining a Medicare Advantage Plan means you still have all the same rights and protections that are covered with traditional Medicare.

With a Medicare Advantage Plan, the private company offering your plan is paid a fixed, monthly amount by the Medicare program. In exchange for this payment, these private companies must follow the rules set in place by Medicare and provide all the services mentioned in the plan benefits.

Different rules apply depending on the Advantage Plan you choose and can affect the way you access certain services. While some plans require a referral to see a specialist, others may not. These rules are subject to change each year – however, the company must notify you of any changes to your insurance before the start of next year’s enrollment.

Patient and physician

Who can join a Medicare
Advantage Plan?

In order to join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you must live in the plan’s service area, and also currently have access to Part A and Part B coverage. Patients with a pre-existing condition can also join a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Be sure to speak to your employer or union about their insurance rules before joining a Medicare Advantage Plan. Due to the nature of Medicare, in some cases, joining an MA Plan may force you to forfeit the coverage provided to you by your employer or union.

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