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About Bob

Bob Camerlinck is the President of Healthy Partners and a visionary leader in the growing field of Value-Based healthcare. For over twenty-five years, Mr. Camerlinck has formed trusted relationships with primary care physicians and their patients by introducing them to affordable, comprehensive Medicare Advantage health plans. These relationships serve as the foundation for effective and compassionate healthcare delivery in the era of Value-Based Care. In 1994, Bob Camerlinck partnered with a primary care physician and together they opened their first Healthy Partners concierge-level medical practice which became the platform to deliver his vision successfully for senior healthcare.

  • Founder of Medical Service Organization
  • Founder Healthy Partners MSO (USA)

Bob Camerlinck has since continued to build and acquire practices, expanding his business under the Healthy Partners Primary Care Brand. Additionally, he founded a Medical Service Organization (“MSO”), Healthy Partners MSO, which offers necessary support to physicians so they can thrive when participating in risk sharing value-based healthcare models. Since its inception, Healthy Partners MSO has become one of the most sophisticated and well-respected operations of its kind in the healthcare industry.

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